Why Join?

The Police Service of Northern Ireland is committed to being representative of the community we serve and welcomes all applicants interested in a career in policing

Thank you for considering a career with us. In doing so you have taken your first step towards an important contribution to Keeping People Safe. Information on this page and throughout this website will give you a feel for what’s involved, and what’s on offer to you with the Police Service of Northern Ireland.

We are keen to offer all the advice you need as you make the decision to apply – just reach out to info@joinpsni.co.uk.

Your Learning & Development in the Police College

The training you will receive is world-class. In completing it you will take the steps necessary to prepare for your new role. 

The aim of the Student Officer Development Programme is to develop and inspire:

  • Resourceful and flexible police officers who consistently demonstrate policing with the community behaviours
  • Officers who will be accountable, keeping people safe by preventing harm, protecting the vulnerable and detecting offenders
  • Officers who are collaborative, dynamic and responsive to meet the changing needs of the communities in Northern Ireland

“Some aspects of the training have been challenging, but it’s been encouraging to see that you’re not alone in this job. We work together as a team to support each other.” - Student Officer McCarthy

Hear from some of our current Student Officers as they share their story on why they wanted to join the police and what their experience has been like so far in the Police College:


Video: Learning & Development in the Police College 

Want to know what to expect during training? Watch our video. 

Before You Apply, Ask Yourself... Can You Commit?

Your Security

Working within any police service involves a number of obvious risks, as police officers are employed to protect the public and property. Applying for and working within the Police Service of Northern Ireland is no exception and the local situation can mean that police officers, or those applying to be police officers, can be exposed to a higher level of personal risk than most other people.

In order to minimise the level of risk that you or other people may encounter in applying to join the Police Service of Northern Ireland, you are advised to be discreet about your application (in particular, dates and locations relating to assessments, induction and training), and tell only people in whom you have confidence. This is particularly important when using social networking sites, and engaging in discussions on online platforms. Please ensure you do not disclose information that could put yourself and others at risk. Similarly, you should keep secure all documents relating to your application.

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