Your Pension

You will be offered a generous pension.

Police Officers who join the PSNI through the recruitment process and who are currently active members of the Police Pension Scheme (PPS) 1988 in NI and 1987 in GB or the Police Pension Scheme 2006, will remain in that Police Pension Scheme until the date awarded to them by their previous police service under the 2015 Police Pension Reforms, provided they make contact with the Police Service of Northern Ireland Pensions Branch prior to joining the PSNI.

Those officers re-joining or joining the Police Service of Northern Ireland for the first time will be automatically enrolled into the Police Pension Scheme (NI) 2015. Officers will be able to transfer their pensionable service into the PPS (NI) 2015 scheme. Previous service in either the PPS 1988/2006 scheme can also be transferred upon receipt of application to transfer.

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