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Privacy Policy / Deloitte MCS Limited PRIVACY STATEMENT


Deloitte MCS Limited is the contracted agency charged with managing police officer recruitment on behalf of the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI).

Deloitte MCS Limited operates this website

This privacy statement applies to Deloitte MCS Limited, which controls and makes use of visitor information collected via this website and which controls and makes use of information collected from people who apply to the PSNI.

If you as a visitor choose to register or submit information to this Website, (in particular if you apply to join the PSNI using the application and equality & monitoring form or if you provide information in other forms of correspondence, including by email) you agree to the use of such data in accordance with this privacy statement.

Please note that this site contains links to other sites, including sites maintained by other organisations, which may not be governed by this privacy statement.

Why are you processing my personal information?

As a visitor to this website, you do not have to submit any personal information in order to read the information it contains. The site collects only personally identifiable information that is specifically and voluntarily provided by visitors. In particular, people who wish to apply to join the PSNI as part of a live recruitment campaign will be required to supply personally identifiable information.

Also people who choose to contact us using email or other forms of correspondence will be required to supply personally identifiable information.

Where Deloitte MCS Limited has a legal basis to process information, consent will not be sought and will not be the basis relied upon to process that information.  Where Deloitte MCS Limited relies solely on consent to process personal data, individuals should be aware that they have the right to withdraw this consent at any time. 

Deloitte MCS Limited collects personal data provided by applicants applying for the role of police constable via a hosted online application interface The ‘application data’ is used to contact applicants in relation to their application and to schedule them for Initial Selection Test (IST) and (if they progress) Assessment Centre selection stages. It is also used to assess that applicants meet some basic role eligibility criteria, such as age, nationality and educational requirements. Where applicable, in the case that an applicant declares an adjustment need pertaining to a disability, the applicant’s data is used to consider the appropriate adjustment necessary to allow the applicant to attend and participate at IST stage / Assessment Centre stage.

We handle personal information in order to comply with our legal obligation and other employment and statutory equality legislation. The processing of personal information is necessary for the performance of public task or in the exercise of official authority.

The overall purpose for the processing and control of this data is to conduct of recruitment assessment of PSNI applicants and associated queries and ultimately to facilitate the recruitment of police constables.

Where do you get my personal information from?

To ensure that our website is well managed and to facilitate improved navigation within the site, we or our service provider(s) may use cookies (small text files stored in a user’s browser) or Web beacons (electronic images that allow the Web site to count visitors who have accessed a particular page and to access certain cookies) to collect aggregate data. We may use such devices to track information on our systems and identify categories of visitors by items such as IP address, domain, browser type and pages visited. This information is reported to our Webmasters who use the information to analyse the number of visitors to different areas of the site and to make sure that our website is serving as a useful, effective information source. Neither cookies nor Web beacons collect personal information.

We obtain personal information directly from the application form that is completed as part of police constable recruitment, as well as if you contact the Deloitte Recruitment Team directly with a query you might have.

What types of Personal Data do we handle?

Deloitte MCS Limited process both personal information and special category information relating to or consisting of the following:
• Application form data (Personal Detail such as e.g. title, full name, name known as, address and postcode, date and place of birth, national insurance number, email address, telephone numbers, nationality, adjustment needs pertaining to any disability and where applicable relevant medical evidence, details of educational attainment)
• Equality monitoring data (e.g. National Insurance number, domestic status, gender, date of birth, sexual orientation, political opinion, dependants, ethnic origin, nationality / immigration status, community background, school attendance, disability, qualifications, employment status, geographic origin by LRG / DEA
• Correspondence with candidates (i.e. email correspondence via and, or other authorised Deloitte managed email accounts and telephone queries/ written correspondence which can include sensitive personal data if furnished by applicant)
• Feedback and opinion details relating to attendance (and non-attendance) at recruitment stages

This information may be held in both electronic and in hard copy form. The storage medium will vary depending on the category of information and the stage of the recruitment process. (E.g. the majority of the processing of data is conducted electronically, however during the Assessment Centre stage paper records pertaining to individuals are generated).   Electronic records include information stored on a computer, whilst hard copy records include paper records, i.e. in a file.

Whose personal data do we handle and where do we obtain it from?

Deloitte MCS Limited may process personal data relating to a wide variety of individuals (data subject), this data can come from a wide variety of sources such as:
• Members of general public making enquiries about PSNI recruitment
• Applicants to PSNI
• Applicants to PSNI who subsequently withdraw or do not successfully complete all stages of the recruitment process
• Users of the website (data temporarily held online during live application stage, before being deleted once transferred to secure Deloitte environment)
• Independent sub-contractors working with Deloitte to deliver the service (including Independent Lay Assessors)

Do you share my personal information with anyone else?

As part of our systems to collect information from applicants to the PSNI, Deloitte MCS Limited uses trusted service providers to handle your information on our behalf. Specifically we use AV Browne and Rackspace to assist with online application information collection. We also use SOVA Assessments/AMS to process applicants' Initial Selection Test information. These suppliers will treat your personal information in a secure manner. These suppliers transmit your personal details to us using secure encrypted email and do not store your details long-term or use them for any purpose. Where applicable, in the case that an applicant declares an adjustment need pertaining to a disability, the applicant’s data may be shared with trusted independent professionals qualified to make assessments of adjustment needs requests. These independent professionals will be security cleared to an appropriate level and all data is transmitted in a secure manner either by secure email or via secure approved courier.

Deloitte MCS Limited acts as an independent recruitment agent on behalf of the PSNI to manage recruitment campaigns to the PSNI. As such Deloitte MCS Limited has to share your information with PSNI in reference to your application if you are to progress through the recruitment process. Specifically we supply PSNI with the details of the candidates who pass the Assessment Centre stage of the recruitment process, so that they may progress through the PSNI managed recruitment stages.  You can access more information with regards to the PSNI’s Privacy Notice through the following link, PSNI Privacy Notice. We transmit all such information to PSNI in a secure manner.

Where appropriate, personal information may be disclosed to law enforcement, regulatory or other government agencies, or third parties where necessary or desirable to comply with legal or regulatory obligations.

Do you transfer my personal information outside of the European Union?

Your personal information will not be transferred outside the European Union.

How long do you keep my personal information?

We will keep your personal information only for as long as it required for the lawful purpose(s) for which it was obtained and in line with our Retention and Disposal Schedules.

How we keep your personal data secure

The information you supply to Deloitte MCS Limited is handled by professional staff, who are security vetted and who respect the sensitivity of your personal information.

All records are held electronically and will only be made available to those who have a right to see them. We use technical and organisational measures such as:
• Regular, up to date data protection training for our staff
• Regular testing of our technology
• Regular quality/compliance checks in line with standard quality management processes and quality assurance reviews
• Restricted access controls
• Physical security measures

What rights do I have?

If you are someone whose personal data is held by us as data controller you have rights under data protection law.

You have the right, in some circumstances, to make the following requests of a data controller in relation to personal data held about you:
• To have access to that data
• To amend any incorrect, inaccurate or incomplete information
• To object to the data being processed
• To restrict the processing of that data
• To erase that data
• To find out about any automated decision making and profiling
• To enable data portability

To make a request to access any personal information we may hold about you, you should put the request in writing and email it to:

Further details on all of the rights within data protection legislation can be found on the Information Commissioner’s website at

How do I complain if I am not happy?

If you are unhappy with how any aspect of this privacy notice, or how personal information is being processed, please contact for further information in the first instance. 

Deloitte MCS Limited has a designated Data Protection Officer (DPO).  The DPO is an independent advisor to Deloitte MCS Limited and is responsible for ensuring Deloitte MCS Limited is processing personal data in line with relevant legislation.  Any individual with concerns over the way Deloitte MCS Limited handles their personal data may contact the Data Protection Officer at the address below or by email via

Data Protection Officer
Deloitte LLP                                  
1 New Street Square                   

If you remain unhappy about how your request has been handled you have the right to apply directly to the Information Commissioner. The Information Commissioner is the independent regulator responsible for enforcing the legislation and can provide useful information about the legislation’s requirements. Our local Information Commissioner’s address is:

Information Commissioner’s Office
3rd Floor                                  
14 Cromac Place                   
Belfast, BT7 2JB
Tel: 028 9027 8757

Changes to our Privacy Policy

Deloitte MCS Limited reserves the right to modify or amend this privacy statement at any time and for any reason. Nothing contained within the privacy policy creates or is intended to create a contract or agreement between Deloitte MCS Limited and any user visiting the website or anyone who applies to join the PSNI. This privacy notice was last updated in September 2018.