Application Process

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  • 2020
Online Application Stage
Upload education evidence from 26th February - 24th March 2020.
Online Initial Selection Test
IST and Evidence Uploader now closed. Check 'Recruitment News' for updates
Assessment Centre
Assessment Centre phase ongoing. Results issued to those who have attended.
current stage
Merit List Passed to PSNI
Aug 2020
Physical Competence Assessment
Substance Misuse Test
Online Learning
Appointable Candidates Invited to Training in Merit Order

Recruitment News

  • 2020
  • 2018

Updated: 01/02/2021

Recruitment News - Recruitment Campaign for 2018

COVID-19 Recruitment Update

Please check here for an important update regarding the progress of the 2018 recruitment campaign in light of COVID-19.

PSNI are continuing to progress candidates through the PSNI managed stages to meet operational demand for police officers and whilst campaigns remain active, anticipate contacting further candidates in the upcoming months. Please check here for the latest information on the progress of the 2018 campaign. 

Recruitment News - Recruitment Campaign for 2020

Assessment Centre Update (11th February 2021)

Assessment Centre outcome notifications have now been issued by email. Please check your inbox (including junk mail folder) if you attended an Assessment Centre.

Congratulations if you have passed! If you have been unsuccessful, we appreciate the effort you have gone to throughout the recruitment process and hope that you will consider applying again when we next recruit. While we cannot yet confirm when future recruitment will be held, updates will be posted first here as soon as information is available.

The circumstances caused by Covid-19 continue to cause disruption to our plans, but we would like to assure you of the PSNI’s intention to progress with the 2020 recruitment process.  

Due to the Covid-19 restrictions, a small number of assessments remain outstanding. The remaining small group still to attend Assessment Centre will do so when restrictions allow. Those involved will be communicated with on an individual basis to confirm arrangements. (It should be noted that the centres yet to happen are fully booked and availability is not anticipated). 

Assessment results for this campaign will be issued in two stages. Thus far, a simple successful / unsuccessful outcome has been sent. Subsequently; (after all assessments have been completed) detailed performance breakdown notifications will be issued. Only after all assessments have been completed, will it be possible for the final Merit List to be formed and passed to PSNI by Deloitte.

In coming weeks, PSNI will begin to progress applicants who have performed to the highest standard at assessment centre through to the PSNI managed stages of the recruitment process (Vetting, Physical Competence Assessment, Medical, Substance Misuse Test and Online Learning). The PSNI Recruitment Team will be in touch directly with candidates who have performed to this level to invite them to commence these remaining stages. PSNI will only be contacting a limited number of the applicants who have been successful at assessment centre at this time, so please don’t be concerned if you are not contacted. The majority of successful candidates will not commence the PSNI managed stages until after the final results of assessment centre have been issued to all candidates.  With this in mind, we strongly encourage all candidates to read through pages 23-41 of the Guidance for Applicants document to familiarise yourself with the next steps of the recruitment process. The ‘How Do I Join?’ section of the website contains an example video of the PCA, as well as some advice for PCA training.

Once again, we appreciate your continued support and patience during this time. Please continue to check here on Recruitment News regularly for updates. 

Constable Recruitment - Applications Closed

Applications are currently closed.

At this time, we have no information as to when exactly future recruitment will happen, but we would encourage to check this website regularly for updates.  

Thank you!