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  • 2021
Online Application Stage
Apply 2-19 November 2021
Online Initial Selection Test
IST stage open 24 Nov-8 Dec
current stage
Assessment Centre
Assessment Centre phase concluding. Merit List due with PSNI by close 18th May. Check your email for updates.
Merit List Passed to PSNI
Assessment Centre phase now concluded. Merit List transferred to PSNI.
Physical Competence Assessment
Health Assessment
Substance Misuse Test
Online Learning
Appointable Candidates Invited to Training in Merit Order
**Recruitment now closed**. Applicants to the 2021 recruitment process have moved to the Initial Selection Test (IST) stage. If you applied, please check your email (including junk mail folder) for an invitation to complete your IST. Please make sure you complete your IST as soon as possible. The IST system will close promptly at 12 noon on 8th December 2021.

Recruitment News

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Updated: 21/10/2021

Police Officer Recruitment News - Recruitment Campaign for 2018

COVID-19 Recruitment Update

Please check here for an important update regarding the progress of the 2018 recruitment campaign in light of COVID-19.

PSNI are continuing to progress candidates through the PSNI managed stages to meet operational demand for police officers and whilst campaigns remain active, anticipate contacting further candidates in the upcoming months. Please check here for the latest information on the progress of the 2018 campaign. 

Updated: 21/10/2021

Police Officer Recruitment News - Recruitment Campaign for 2020

Update 18th May 2021 - Assessment Centre phase now complete. Merit List transferred to PSNI. 

The assessment centre phase of the 2020 recruitment process has now been completed. Deloitte has transferred the final merit list to the Police Service of Northern Ireland. 

In due course successful candidates will be advised of their merit position by the Police Service of Northern Ireland.  

All active candidates who participated in an assessment centre have been issued with a detailed breakdown of their performance. Please check your email inbox and junk folder for your feedback report. 

The Police Service of Northern Ireland has commenced offers to high performing candidates who have completed all stages of the 2020 Recruitment Process and reached the appointable pool. Appointments will be offered throughout Summer 2021 and it is anticipated that courses will continue to run recurrently throughout the 2021/2022 financial year. Please check here for the latest information on the progress of the 2020 campaign. 

We would once again like to thank you for your ongoing dedication to the recruitment process, and hope this update provides reassurance that we are moving forward with increased momentum to meet our revised recruitment forecast.

We would encourage all candidates to continue to check here on Recruitment News regularly for updates. 

Thank you! 

Police Officer Recruitment News - Recruitment Campaign for 2021

Online IST Now Open

**Important Deadline Approaching**

For those who applied to the 2021 recruitment process, you have until 8th December 2021 (at noon) to fully complete your assessment.  Please check your email for an invitation to complete the IST.  For more information on how to prepare and what to expect from your IST please check our  IST Briefing Document

Please remember: 

1. If cannot click the link in your email, copy and paste it into a tab on your browser. (We would recommend using a desktop or laptop when completing your IST).

2. Make sure you are completing the IST on WIFI rather than 3G or 4G (we would recommend completing the assessment in a place where you have a strong WIFI signal).

3. If you did not receive a link or you are experiencing difficulties please contact us by email (quoting your UID number and your National Insurance Number) and someone from the recruitment team will assist you.   

Remember to read all instructions carefully! Best of luck with the assessment.  

Future Recruitment

Applications are now closed. We are sorry if you missed the recent deadline to apply.  At this time, we have no information as to when exactly future recruitment will happen, but we would encourage you to check this website regularly for updates.