Annual Leave

Whilst in the College, you will accrue 9 days annual leave over the 21 week training period*. During this time, your annual leave is pre-allocated as per the requirements of the student timetable. If the allotment of 9 days is not allocated prior to attestation, any unused days will be carried forward. 

Upon attestation, you will be allocated the remainder of your first year’s leave entitlement. The number of days allocated will depend on your date of entry into the leave year, which runs from April to March. 

Officers below the rank of Superintendent and with less than 2 years’ relevant service are entitled to 22 days annual leave (based on an 8 hour working day). 

In addition to annual leave entitlement Police Officers are entitled to 8 Public Holidays. 

* Leave shall be taken only on the days outlined in the Student Timetable or with the permission of the Inspector Foundation Training.