Keeping People Safe

How Do I Join?

The recruitment process is made up of 8 different stages, all of which you must pass to be invited to your Induction Day at the Police Training College. Following this, you will then start your exciting journey of becoming a police constable! Take a look at the short video and click into the different pods to get more information on each of the stages of the recruitment process.

Before you apply, ask yourself... Can you commit?

Induction & Training


Before you start your training you will be invited to an Induction Day at the Northern Ireland Police College, Garnerville where you will meet with your training team as well as representatives from the university who accredit the training who will explain course requirements and support services.

You will receive a tour of the Police College and will be measured for your uniform and other items of police equipment. Information will be provided on a number of topics relevant to your future career as a police officer including Occupational Health and Wellbeing, Personal Security and Human Resources. Importantly, you will be introduced to the standards and ethics which apply to everyone in the PSNI. There will be an opportunity for you to ask any last minute questions you may have.


Training takes place at the Northern Ireland Police College, Garnerville over a 23 week period. The Programme is university accredited and results in the award of an Advanced Diploma in Policing.

Learning between Induction and Your First Day in the Police College

After Induction you will be required to undertake and successfully complete the Pre Entry Knowledge Course. This material takes approximately 20 hours, is completed online, and must be fully completed in order to commence the Student Officer Training Programme. You will be given access to this information at your Induction Day. This will provide you with information and context to support your development as a student officer within the Police College.