Police Service of Northern Ireland - Commitment Statement

Before you apply, ask yourself ... Can you commit?
The Commitment 

Working Hours / Location 

  • The Police Service of Northern Ireland operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and therefore requires police officers to work shifts.
  • The Police Service of Northern Ireland operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, therefore police officers are required to work overtime at a short period of notice.
  • The operational requirements also mean that police officers are required to work unsociable hours and during seasonal holiday periods and bank holidays.
  • The Police Service operates throughout Northern Ireland, therefore you may be required to work anywhere within Northern Ireland.
  • Police officers are expected to have suitable arrangements to cope with travel bearing in mind shift work and the need to work overtime at very short notice.

Physical Competence

  • The Police Services requires student officers to pass the Physical Competence Assessment prior to entry to the College and to maintain the required fitness standard.

Professional Standards

  • As a police officer you hold the 'Office of Constable'. This is a privileged position with legal powers which entitle you to take away a person's liberty. The Police Service and the public expect all officers to act with the utmost professionalism both on and off duty at all times. It is expected that you maintain the highest standards of integrity at all times and throughout your service.

Uniform Requirements

  • Police officers are expected to wear a uniform at all times whilst on duty in order to present a professional image to the public.
  • In Northern Ireland, police officers are required to be trained to use and to carry a firearm whilst on duty.

Training and Skills

  • Student officers are required to undertake an intensive 21 week training programme.
  • The Police Service requires student officers to demonstrate their computer literacy and competence in using IT software and devices. This will be tested during various stages of the recruitment process.
  • As policing is a profession, personal responsibility is placed on police officers to maintain their knowledge, skills and competencies, and to undertake frequent training.

In addition to the 21 weeks spent training at the Police College, employment within the Police Services will be considered probationary for a period of two years. You are also required to complete a 'commitment year' in your district following your probation period.