Education Criteria - Presenting Education Evidence - Key Matters

Presenting Education Evidence - Key Matters 

Frequently seen issue / scenario

Suggested Resolution

The following evidence (only) presented:

•        Unclear / incomplete / blurred examination certificates / evidence presented

•        Unverifiable school reports, ‘results day’ slips or provisional results presented

•        -OR- Original certificate is lost

Candidate to contact relevant exam board immediately (e.g. CCEAAQACity & GuildsPearson EdexcelOCRWJECSQA, OCNState Examinations Commission etc. ) and acquire 'Certified Statement of Results'. (School reports, ‘results’ slips’ and other similar evidence can be presented, but it must be verifiable).

Education equivalency not proven

E.g. Qualifications presented sit below GCSE (A*-C) standard.

Candidate to research how equivalency can be proven. It is suggested that Candidate starts by visiting:


• 12

It is also recommended that the Candidate acquires written evidence from the relevant education / awarding body / school to prove the qualification is equivalent. Written evidence must be verifiable by Deloitte and provided on verifying organisation's headed paper or via organisation's email system.

Candidate is just short of being able to prove equivalency or there is a gap in their academic record that cannot be recorded.

Candidate to investigate options that may allow them to achieve equivalency immediately. E.g., Some local Further Education Colleges offer fast-track Level 2 courses such as Essential Skills Literacy / Communication, Level 2 Essential Skills Numeracy / Application of Number or Level 2 Essential Skills ICT. These could be completed to make up any gap. The education certification deadline for the 2021 campaign will be 13th January 2022, i.e. qualifications must be dated on or before 13th January 2022. In exceptional cases, where the qualification has only recently been completed. (e.g. during late 2021 / early 2022), but not yet certified, exceptions to the certification date may be considered, providing formal supporting evidence is available. 

Non-UK / Ireland certificates presented, with no supporting evidence from ENIC. 

Candidate to contact UK ENIC in order to acquire 'Statement of Comparability' with (if necessary) Translation Waiver Service: Please take action immediately to resolve the matter as the process can take several weeks.

Name on certificates does not match the current name of applicant used on application.

Candidate to provide evidence to clarify, such as Marriage Certificate or Civil Partnership Certificate or Change of Name Deed Poll Certificate etc. (Other formal evidence to clarify such matters considered case-by-case).  

Candidate has presented evidence that shows they have more than the equivalent of 5 GCSEs, but there is no evidence of them having an English Language qualification. 

Evidence of having a standalone English Language qualification / module is required, regardless of having any higher or alternative qualifications. Candidate to investigate if they do have a qualification that can be considered. It is worth noting that some higher qualifications, at times, do have module elements that can be considered equivalent to an English Language GCSE. Please check in case you have a module in Literacy or Communication (at RQF Level 2 or higher) listed on your award transcript. 

TOO MUCH evidence supplied. E.g. Candidate has submitted ALL the qualifications they have.

If you have GCSEs / equivalent and also have higher qualifications, we ONLY need to see evidence of the GCSEs in order to assess eligibility. The process is not intended as an opportunity to log evidence of all your qualifications with PSNI. It will serve no purpose to submit evidence over and above that which shows you meet the minimum criteria. Keep evidence uploaded to the minimum, or processing of your application may be delayed. 

PSNI Education Criteria - Presenting Evidence

Key matters to consider

Applicants to the Police Service of Northern Ireland are required to have a minimum of 5 GCSEs (or equivalent) at A* - C, including English Language. If you do not have GCSEs - equivalents can be considered.

As part of the recruitment process, applicants who pass the Initial Selection Test (IST) will be required to provide evidence of how they meet this education eligibility criteria via an online Evidence Uploader (which will be open between the 4th January and 13th January 2022). We will communicate exact instructions on that process in advance. Please check your email inbox (including 'junk folders') for instructions. We intend to issue instructions by end-of-day on 4th January 2022.

Please make sure that you prepare now and have your paperwork in order so that you can demonstrate eligibility. It is important that you provide the necessary evidence during the window of opportunity and be aware that opportunities to resolve any issues will be limited and strictly time-bound. We encourage all applicants to be self-sufficient when preparing and presenting evidence. After IST results are issued, we will not be in a position to engage in email exchanges discussing the acceptability of the qualifications / evidence you intend to present. (Email support on Education available during the Evidence Uploader phase, will be focused only on technical issues that candidates might encounter with the system - we appreciate your understanding).

Above all, it is important that you engage with the process and upload some evidence to be considered, or your application may be rejected.

You should be aware that we encourage applicants to present final certificates or final certifying statements of results as evidence, as this is usually the most straightforward means by which to be deemed eligible. School reports, 'results-day' information slips or provisional statements of results and other similar documentation may be presented, however if using this form of evidence the processing of your application may be delayed while verification is completed. 

PSNI Education Criteria - Presenting Evidence

Key matters to consider

Those applicants with straightforward GCSE A*-C grades in five subjects including English Language (or equivalent), and with certificates of final certifying statements of results to prove this, should have no problems proving eligibility. (N.B. The name on the evidence must match the name featured on the PSNI application). 

We realise that some applicants may find it more difficult to prove that they meet the education criteria than others. Please note that qualifications achieved at Level 2 or higher (on the Regulated Qualifications Framework) may enable you to prove equivalency - check here for guidance on qualification levels.  

We know that certain cases may not be quite so straightforward; therefore, we have developed this document and guidance on our website to provide additional support to help you to determine the comparability of your qualifications and to highlight issues / scenarios we frequently encounter. Please see Page 1 for preliminary advice relating to these frequently seen matters.

PSNI Education Criteria - Presenting Evidence

Key matters to consider

Please remember to upload evidence of your education qualifications (to meet the criteria) between 4th January and 13th January 2022. (The system will close at noon on the final day).

Whilst during that period, we will be unable to confirm specifically on the acceptability of what you have uploaded or discuss the matter, it is very important that you take action during that window of opportunity to upload some evidence to prove your eligibility. 

(Failure to co-operate in the process of presenting acceptable evidence in relation to your education qualifications may lead to your application to the PSNI being discontinued).

If, having considered all of the advice on our website, you are still not sure how to demonstrate that your education qualifications are equivalent to the requirements, please engage with the Evidence Uploader process regardless, and we will do our best to advise you and address any outstanding issues during the follow-up phase.

Thanks for your co-operation.

Recruitment Team - Deloitte MCS Ltd.